Debriefing on the PD Workshops

Post your thoughts to this blog after you have completed your Professional Development Workshop presentation on July 19 or 20 and have had a chance to respond to participants’ postings in the Ning. Think about how things went–what worked and what you’d do differently. Also, think about how you might serve as a resource to teachers in your schools and districts. Let’s talk!!!

Talking about Nutrition

(Summer 2011) We’ve looked at fast food. We’ve designed a typical meal that an adult would eat and analyzed the calories, fat content, etc. Now, let’s discuss what we can do in our schools to tackle some of these problems. Here’s my question: Should schools limit what students (and staff) can eat? Should we take out the sodas and pizza and burgers and replace them with salads, soups, and nutritious meals? Let’s talk.

Rethinking Education (Summer 2010)

Summer 2010 Multiliteracies class

We’ve been reading Rethinking Education in the Age of Technology by Allan Collins and Richard Halverson. Let’s begin by thinking about the arguments for and against technology in the classroom. Think about your experiences as a teacher and student. What do you see as the benefits or challenges to using technology, particularly computer and digital technologies, in the teaching and learning? Are there boundaries? What are your best guesses for the future of technology in the classroom?

Let’s talk. Post your thoughts using the Comment button. Read others comments and respond to each other and/or post your own ideas.

The World is Flat and other things

You are reading The World is Flat and have also have reviewed the NC Reading Literacy Strategic Plan. Think about this plan developed by North Carolina and the ideas presented in the book. What do you see as the changing need in education for standards, pedagogy, and content? Think about these texts and how they relate. Also, feel free to post any thoughts you have about either text. This is our final blog post so let’s do these texts justice and have a good conversation. BT

Digital Worlds and Gaming

We’ve examined (briefly) SecondLife. View the video of James Paul Gee discussing gaming and multiplayer games at Let’s discuss what you see as some of the potentials for these technologies in teaching. Try to examine both the potential positives and problems.

Multiliteracies in the early grades

One of the themes that has emerged deals with the uses of digital technologies in the early elementary grades. I’d like you to view the following slide show:

After viewing this, go to the following website and look around for applications that might fit with your teaching and the needs of your students:

Post up any ideas you have as a comment here. Bruce

Tools for Creating

We have explored several Tools for Creating that help us create audio, video and image texts. Discuss your experiences using some of these tools and think about the pedagogic implications. How can these shape teaching and learning? What ideas do you have for K-12 instruction?